You deserve to feel and look healthy! Whether it be improving general health and wellbeing, athletic performance, to fat loss, to preparing meals or a routine cleanse, I educate people to have a healthy relationship with their bodies and minds through the 6 foundations of health (Sleeping, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress, Breathing and Hydration).

Fitness and Athletic Performance

Every athlete has different needs and preparation processes to suit their sports goals. KK Nutrition offers competition preparation and education in regard to nutrition With the focus on fuel and recovery. This in turn helps you excel in your sport.

Achieve Your Goals

Whether your goals are to lose fat, gain muscle, be healthy, learn about nutrition, health and wellness or you’re dealing with poor health, I will help you with every step in reaching your goals through a sustainable method suiting your needs and lifestyle.

Train like an athlete, eat like an athlete!

Sports nutrition is incredible because the point of it is to help athlete’s recovery and improve athletic performance. Every athlete is different and therefore need nutritional strategies suited to their body, needs and sport. Before I get into why athletes need... read more

Why motivation sucks to reach your goals!

Starting a health or weight/fat loss plan can seem impossible as well as daunting. In most cases it tends to feel like a chore and something people don’t necessarily enjoy doing. This is partly because it’s not part of someone’s lifestyle and the chances of them... read more

7 strategies to eat healthy whilst travelling

One of the things that people tend to struggle with is traveling and eating healthy. The most convenient sources of food are fast food. Whilst traveling might be in the picture. It doesn’t mean that choices are only limited to fast food. It starts to creep up on you... read more